Since 2012, the Priest Family Fund for Morquio B Research at UBC has bolstered efforts to uniting researchers in the pursuit of new knowledge and improved treatment options for this rare genetic disease.

With the passionate leadership of the Priest Family and supported by our community of donors raising more than $800,000 over the past decade, the collaborative efforts of the UBC Faculty of Medicine have led to the creation of a ground-breaking international registry, a first in Morquio B research, to store essential demographic and disease-specific data, invaluable for future research and treatment development.

This collaboration has also led to an established and growing global network of researchers and healthcare professionals united in their determination to unravel the mysteries of Morquio B disease, improve patient care, develop new therapies, and create hope for healthier futures for affected children.

Every donation makes a difference

Your generous donations to the University of British Columbia will support the work of Dr. Sylvia Stockler, and her team: Zahra Nasseri Moghaddam, Jasmine Li and Maria Bleier to better understand this rare disease, build on collaborations, and provide hope for the future for patients, their families, and communities.

Other ways you can donate
  • If you wish to mail in your donation, please make your cheque payable to: “UBC – The Priest Family Fund for Morquio B”.  In the memo section write FID: G0274
  • Mail to: UBC Annual Giving, 500 – 5950 University Blvd., Vancouver, BC Canada V6T 1Z3
  • If you wish to contact UBC directly, you can donate by phone: 604-827-4111 or 1-877-717-4483. Please quote
    the Priest Family Fund for Morquio B, fund ID: G0274 in order to designate your donation.